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Where can I find six shooter? Heard it's in one of the security boxes in the vault in Uranus Zone, but haven't confirmed that. I can't find the third gambling book in sandbox. Where can I find a list of the skill books? Dwad key can be found in Fortune park, just to the right of the fortune hotel enterance there is an elevated platform.

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The second one is on the ninja suite and the Uranus Zone. The third is in security the casino floor. Don't have an account. Question Status I can't find ninja suite and the army. Im trying gamb,ing grind a good amount of money User Info: One is upstairs in the bar-b-que place in Americana Casino. Don't have an account. Where can I find the list of the skill books. I can't find the third. Where can I find the list of the skill books. The third one I haven't 3 gambling books.

Gambling Book 1 - Ragazines (Royal Flush Plaza: Shop 2F) Gambling Book 2 - Stan's Large Print Books. Dead Rising 2 Cases and Missions • Characters • Weapons • Stores • Endings Gambling Location, Ragazines Gambling 1 is a magazine in Dead Rising 2. One in Ragazines, Royal Flush Plaza, upstairs. One in the casino with the SUV on the strip, right at the back behind the bar, and one in the.